Our City. Our Club.

Sell the Teams to Us!

The Onward Rose City project has one simple and audacious goal: Make the Timbers and Thorns supporter-owned teams. 

Recent events exposed how thoroughly our current ownership failed our teams and our community. While MLS Commissioner Don Garber has praised owner Merritt Paulson for building “from scratch one of the great sports teams,” we know the facts. We, the supporters, have been faithful to our teams and our city for decade after decade — and that is what built these clubs and our culture. We must now take action to show the world why we are “Soccer City, USA.” 

Our goal is to maintain “Two Teams; One Club,” with the Thorns and Timbers owned together by the community that helped build them. By demonstrating our support for this ideal, we will show the PTFC front office, MLS, NWSL, U.S. Soccer, the City of Portland, and the world’s soccer community that soccer is the people’s game — and that the people are ready to take it back.

Join us. Click here and make a pledge today.

Tell us how many shares of a community-owned club you would purchase if they were offered to the public.  

We believe that community ownership of our Timbers and Thorns is the best path to have our teams live up to our ideals. It will build a positive culture and give us all a sense of committed connection. 

Community ownership of the teams would ensure:

  • Supporters have a seat at the table to influence the direction of the club. 
  • The club’s actions authentically reflect the values of the supporters and the city.
  • Supporters have a stake in the continued success of the club and are not just customers.
  • Supporters and the city receive financial gains in the future that will benefit our community.
  • The two clubs stay in the City of Portland in perpetuity.

The path will be long, and entrenched structures and forces will resist this change. For anyone who stands in our way, we shout:

You cannot stop us. We are the Rose City!